Zoo Lounge, Nicosia, Cyprus

Zoo Lounge, Nicosia, Cyprus
June, 2011 LIGHT4

An aperitif in the Garden of Eden: among flowering meadows, dazzling fluorescent lights and …Chandelier!

The interior design at Zoo Lounge in Nicosia creates an attractive blend of minimalist furnishing accessories and its original decorative ceiling fittings. Hanging flowers, colourful rugs in sinuous shapes and naturalistic details provide a backdrop for different versions of the Chandelier line by Façon de Venise. The coloured rubber chandelier is equipped with an outdoor kit with a transparent blue-tinted silicone coating.
Suzanne, Barbara, Vanessa… amber, red and acid green…

This exclusive bar hosts twelve different versions. Zoo Lounge has been the focal point of nightlife of the entire island of Cyprus for 13 years, and is internationally renowned. As a lounge, it is the ideal starting point for festive evenings held at the Zoo Club on the upper floors of the same building. The decor of this hive of fun was designed by studio ermou300 (www.ermou300.com), which we are bound to talk about in the future, and with whom the Light4 Group has a positive partnership.

The architect Stephane Fissentzides explains some of the design choices: “For years, Zoo Lounge featured dark undertones. The first step was to entirely focus on colour and vitality. Inspiration came from the themes of Eden and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, as well as the festive summer atmosphere of our island: there are lamps with feathers, leaves, flowers and artificial grass, flower pots and a strong presence of water. This is why I chose the Chandelier line by Façon de Venise, which looks as if they are made up of hoses”.

The outcome is just waiting to be discovered…