The Class is AQUA & BLOOM

The Class is AQUA & BLOOM
June, 2013 LIGHT4

Atmosphere, relaxation, class and elegance are the characteristics shared by both the Hotel Quadrifoglio Pomigliano D’arco in Naples and the brand Façon de Venise by Light4.

The compositions up and down AQUA and hanging lights BLOOM and AQUA SPHERE, give to the various locations of the hotel the right warm and cozy atmosphere, in perfect Light4 style.

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    Itama Light 4 Aqua So
    Itama Light 4 Aqua So


    The colour, the light and the fabric: AQUA is a system of modular suspensions where symmetrically tapered truncated cone diffusers alternate. AQUA offers great versatility also in composing multiple modular solutions. The suspensions can be arranged in a rectangular or square base, around a circumference or on a single straight line. AQUA is a hymn to the imagination, it makes composers and protagonists of the space. Lampshades in PVC completed with cotton fabric available in 8 colours. Structure in white painted metal.

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