AQUA, Terrazza Drago, Jesolo Lido

AQUA, Terrazza Drago, Jesolo Lido
September, 2010 LIGHT4
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The beach and nightlife: Aqua modular lighting arrangements are an excellent accompaniment to cocktails, breakfasts and happy hours in a brand-new bar!

We are in the beach resort entertainment capital along the northern Adriatic coast, and in the most ambitious architectural building in the town. Terrazza Drago is located in Piazza Drago, Jesolo Lido, at the foot of the recently finished tall twin towers. This new, sophisticated bar is part of the renowned entertainment scene of Jesolo.

Aqua, the modular suspended lamp system that experiments with geometrical lines and colours, created by Danish designer Brian Rasmussen for Façon de Venise, enhances the minimalist elegance and the bright furnishings of this bar. Ortica e Zanforlin Architetti studio commissioned Light4 to provide light colours and a special suspended lamp system for this recent project. With their special stiff structures, in colours that match the interior of the bar, the truncated cone-shaped diffusers of Aqua provide suffused light from above projected along the entire bar counter.

The colours chosen to accompany glamorous evenings at Terrazza Drago are milk white and aluminium grey, with the same colours selected for the uniforms of its barmen. In short, this bar is stylish, now just concentrate on having a good time!

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    The colour, the light and the fabric: AQUA is a system of modular suspensions where symmetrically tapered truncated cone diffusers alternate. AQUA offers great versatility also in composing multiple modular solutions. The suspensions can be arranged in a rectangular or square base, around a circumference or on a single straight line. AQUA is a hymn to the imagination, it makes composers and protagonists of the space. Lampshades in PVC completed with cotton fabric available in 8 colours. Structure in white painted metal.