Cambi, Scatena, Turini

Cambi, Scatena, Turini

“Cambi, Scatena, Turini Architects” Studio is a design laboratory founded in 1998 with headquarters in Vicopisano (Pisa), at just two steps from the Fortress of Brunelleschi. Since its establishment, the Studio is interested and involved in architecture, urban design, interior and industrial design. Their design philosophy does not necessarily distinguish the different areas of intervention; instead it brings inspiration by apparent contradictions to find the rules that significantly combine the various aspects of the design. They combine concrete experiences with more conceptual moments by taking part in prize competitions on design and architecture and obtaining many awards including: second and third prizes at the national competition for the requalification of “Piazza S. Antonio” in Predappio (FC) and “Piazza della Libertà” in Urgnano (BG); special mentions at the competitions “Idee per la Luce – 2001”, “Echi di Luce – 2002”, “Atmosfere di Luce – 2006”, and at the competition for the restoration of the historic stalls of the St. Lorenzo market in Florence.

They started their research on design at university following the teaching of Prof. Remo Buti, member of the “Global Tools” and of the Florentine “radical design”, and participating in various initiatives and editions of MIPEL.

In 2001, drawing the first family of lamps “Samui” and, since then, they have been continuously dealing with lighting design, exploring any possible shades of this kaleidoscopic world.

Their works are published in major national and international magazines, as well as on the web.

Products designed by Cambi, Scatena, Turini