• Jul262021
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    BALL PL – Private house

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  • May122021
    LIGHT4 BESPOKE – new project in the middle east

    Rosée – new project in the middle east

    A large bespoke installation with more than 300 pieces of blown glass diffusers.

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  • Mar202021
    Light4 Ghalia Jumerirah Island in Dubai

    GHALIA – new project in Dubai

    Development, production and installation of bespoke light installation 2000 hand-blown glass elements.

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  • Mar012020
    LUNARDA, Tropea

    LUNARDA, Tropea, ITALY

    A new project with the LUNARDA collection in Tropea, Italy.

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  • Mar012020
    Tivoli Light4 Mosca

    TIVOLI @ Moscow

    LIGHT4 illuminates a luxury Moscow apartment.
    The elegance of the interior furnishings is the ideal setting to emphasize the exclusivity of the brilliant crystal from the TIVOLI collection.

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