A continuous circle of light.
The upper and lower diffusers in PMMA are completely without any fixing elements which allows the light emission to be perfectly continuous.
This is possible thanks to an innovative construction of the section of the lamp which unites the two sides through an internal metal bracket.
The same bracket supports the light source which is integrated in a silicone body allowing the light emission to be completely uniform.
The lamp has a double light emission.

BI-emission lighting.
The constructive principle of the lamp allows a double light emission. This detail makes the product capable of illuminating the surrounding space with a 360 degrees light. The upper and lower light emission are equal both for what concerns quantity and colour giving a completely homogeneous effect.


Technical Details


metal and PMMA


  • Color Itama Light 4 Multi4 Black Ral 9005
  • Color Itama Light 4 Frame White Ral9010
  • Colors Itama Light 4 Hole Bronze
  • Itama Light 4 Sat Light Brushed Gold

Light Source

LED 220-240V


Dimmer not included
Dimmer non incluso


SO 80
75W 3000°K lm 2000 UP lm 2000 DOWN

SO 120
115W 3000°K lm 3250 UP lm 3250 DOWN