The flexibility of FRAME is possible thanks to carved solid aluminium fixing elements, available as end caps, double joints for lines, and corners. To get the Compo Mix 30×180, as per photo, you need six corner elements and two end caps, which allow both to hang the composition and to fix the extruded aluminium profiles.

White powder-coated extruded aluminium profile, RAL 9010 or dove color RAL 1019. Transparent PMMA diffuser, satin finished on top and bottom edges. Fixing element in carved solid aluminium, row finish in single, double and corner version. Strip LED 20W/m 24V.


Frame: The Making Of

Technical Details


aluminium and PMMA


  • Color Itama Light 4 Frame Black Anodised
  • Color Itama Light 4 Frame Dove Tortora Ral1019
  • Color Itama Light 4 Frame Matt Gold Anodised
  • Color Itama Light 4 Frame Matt Silver Anodised
  • Color Itama Light 4 Frame White Ral9010

Light Source

LED 220-240V



SO 30L
5W LED 3000°K lm720

SO 60L
10W LED 3000°K lm1440

SO 90L
14W LED 3000°K lm2160

SO 120L
19W LED 3000°K lm2880

COMPO 30×30
19W LED 3000°K lm2880

COMPO 30×60
29W LED 3000°K lm4320

COMPO 30×90
38W LED 3000°K lm5760

COMPO 60×60
38W LED 3000°K lm5780

COMPO 30×120
48W LED 3000°K lm7200

COMPO 90×90
58W LED 3000°K lm8640

COMPO 120×120
77W LED 3000°K lm11520

COMPO MIX 30×180
48W LED 3000°K lm7200

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