The ductility is the feature of this model, where the play of lights donated by the glass can be enhanced by the light beam of the LED placed at the center of the ceiling plate, decisive but not
intrusive, bringing out an even more fascinating character.

Starting from a single suspension, the CANDLE collection can exploit the possibility of repeating
itself infinitely in a bright modular sequence. From a small lamp we can get to a spacious installation of countless light sources.



Just as one candle lights another and
can light thousands of other candles,
so one heart illuminates another heart and
can illuminate thousands of other hearts.


Technical Details

CANDLE is a suspension lamp composed of a tube in striped borosilicate glass that contains a sandblasted PMMA cylinder inside. At the base of the lamp we find an LED whose light spreads throughout the body of the object. The lamp is suspended by the two electrical cables with which you can adjust its height. The canopy is composed of a white painted ceiling structure and a polished steel cover disc, fixed to each other by magnets.