Playing with AQUA in Pavia!

Playing with AQUA in Pavia!
March, 2013 LIGHT4

Lots of space, light and colour to stimulate the imagination and the desire to be a child. The welcome is all that more important when those who are inhabiting the space are having their first experience away from home and are under 100 cm tall: this is the framework for the collaboration between Gabutti Illuminazione and the municipal nursery school in Bascapè.

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    Itama Light 4 Aqua So
    Itama Light 4 Aqua So


    The colour, the light and the fabric: AQUA is a system of modular suspensions where symmetrically tapered truncated cone diffusers alternate. AQUA offers great versatility also in composing multiple modular solutions. The suspensions can be arranged in a rectangular or square base, around a circumference or on a single straight line. AQUA is a hymn to the imagination, it makes composers and protagonists of the space. Lampshades in PVC completed with cotton fabric available in 8 colours. Structure in white painted metal.
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