MUSA, Novi Aquarium, Romania

MUSA, Novi Aquarium, Romania
April, 2012 LIGHT4

Gourmet elegance and style! At the Novi Aquarium restaurant in Bucharest, a little Italian influence can be found in the chef’s dishes, including pasta with lobster and a selection of cold meats, and in the lighting installations by Light4, featuring two of its brands.

Attractive dark wood walls alternate with the Murano glass bubbles of lamps in the Vintage brand: “Ares Bulbs” and “Musa”, in a floor lamp and wall lamp version. In the dining room, a minimalist touch is ensured with “Lampshades” creamy white suspended lamps, in the ML collection, featuring a prismatic methacrylate diffuser.

Modern and classic, innovation and creativity come together in this restaurant situated in the busy Calea Floreasca of the Romanian capital, showing the synergy that exists between our different brands: ML and Vintage. Enjoy your meal, and all the rest!

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