LIGHT4 & JULIA BORNEFELD – Water Light Festival

LIGHT4 & JULIA BORNEFELD – Water Light Festival
June, 2018 LIGHT4

The installation FONTANA ROSSA was created on the occasion of the 2nd Water Light Festival in Brixen South Tyrol / Italy and adorns the fountain on the square in front of the Hotel Elephant. Fifty red hydraulic hoses, three to five meters long, curved in the form of fountains of different heights, spring from the seven-cornered centre of the multi-level fountain. From one third of the red hoses, water flows steadily into the deeper wells of the well. The other hoses are provided with LEDs at the ends and immerse the water feature in the dark in light. Water is transparent and is usually associated with the colour blue. The hoses of the FONTANA ROSSA appear red in colour like veins of blood springing from within the well, giving the viewer an association of blood – body – life … water.