Hotel Lunetta, Rome

Hotel Lunetta, Rome
June, 2012 LIGHT4

The “symphonies” of light by the Itama brand adorn the “Imperial” room of Hotel Lunetta, close to Campo dei Fiori. We are in Rome, in one of the most prestigious 4-star luxury hotels in the historic centre.

Here, Light4 is present with an innovative revival of the classic Venetian chandelier by the designer Massimo Tonetto. Distinct features, transparency and light: “Sinfonia”, comprising two overlapping methacrylate sheets with silk-screen printing, has been installed in the communal areas of the hotel, in a suspended version and a wall lamp version, in red and black.

In the rooms and corridors we can find the minimalist elegance of “Miraggio”, also by the Itama brand.
And with this purity of style, we can begin our walk around the eternal city…