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  • Jul262021
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    BALL PL – Private house

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  • Mar012020
    Tivoli Light4 Mosca

    TIVOLI @ Moscow

    LIGHT4 illuminates a luxury Moscow apartment.
    The elegance of the interior furnishings is the ideal setting to emphasize the exclusivity of the brilliant crystal from the TIVOLI collection.

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  • Mar012020
    LUNARDA, Tropea

    LUNARDA, Tropea, ITALY

    A new project with the LUNARDA collection in Tropea, Italy.

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  • Jan142020
    Hotel Bad Fallenbach Val Passiria It


    Our ECLISSE furnishes the prestigious hotel Bad Fallenbach in San Leonardo in Passiria/St. Leonhard in Passeier.

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  • Oct012018
    Vintage Eclisse Dolce By Tintolino Family In Beograd Serbia 02

    ECLISSE @ Beograd, Serbia

    LIGHT4 is proud of having illuminated the elegant pastry shop DOLCE by Tintolino Family in Beograd, Serbia.

    The glamour of our ECLISSE collection is emphasized by the mirrored ceilings and the exclusive interior.

    A special thanks to lumex.it.

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  • Dec152017
    Maple, Private Residence In Slovakia (426p)b

    MAPLE, private residence in Slovakia

    Maple, private residence in Slovakia | Project by @bellatrix involving our Maple lamp, design Brian Rasmussen

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  • Sep012017
    Vintage Light4 Tivoli Antique Bar Split Hr 01

    TIVOLI collection @ Antique Bar, Split, Croatia.

    LIGHT4 has been chosen to illuminate the exclusive club Antique in Split Downtown / Croatia.

    The selected product is our TIVOLI from VINTAGE catalogue. TIVOLI decorates the elegant interior with 2 pieces of SO COMPO 2 model in cognac glass finish, each with an impressive diameter of 140 cm.

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  • Jul012016
    Chiara Lodge Mestre Venice 00

    Chiara Lodge

    LIGHT 4 had the pleasure to create all the lighting of the ten rooms and of the common area in Chiara-Lodge.

    The light of the Venezia suspension 12L emphasizes the white beamed ceiling in the dining area, while in the reception area the six IO provide a large amount of light for the desk.

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  • Dec012015
    Vintage Light4 Limelight Ristorante Nero Balsamico Modena Italy 07

    LIMELIGHT – Restaurant Nero Balsamico – Modena, Italy

    LIGHT4 had the pleasure to collaborate with Modena Hospitality in the creating of project for the restaurant Nero Balsamico.

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  • Jul012014
    Itama Light4 Misstrass Vinzenzmurr Bavaria De 01


    German “Delikatesse” meets italian design.
    LIGHT4 has been chosen to illuminate the shops/bistros of the succesfull brand: VINZENZMURR, Bayern, Gemany. We have chosen MISSTRASS in various sizes and versions that, with it’s elements in PMMA, gives a sensation of luxury and creativity to the interiors.

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