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  • Dec012012
    Aqua & Musa, Richmond Hill Hotel, London 3

    AQUA & MUSA & CROWN, Contract story of December

    The petals and glow of Bloom harmonise perfectly with the modern environment of the Japanese restaurant Regina, of Bergamo. Like three large flowers, the hanging lamps are set as the visual centre of attention, giving continuity to the linear path of wall lights. The project was developed by “Luce In” of Bergamo.

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  • Nov012012
    Misstrass, Lenbach Palais, Paris 97

    Lenbach Palais brightens up with LIGHT4

    The legendary Lenbach Palais reopened in October 2012 to become the new Munich’s glamour meeting point. An extensive gastronomic experience developing a 360-degree style concept. Twenty Misstrass Sphere by Façon de Venise were inserted between the lounge bar and the restaurant area to light up the atmosphere. The natural shiny effect of the lamp is highlighted by the original finishings and colours, that can be customised upon request.

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  • Oct012012
    The Avenues Mall, Khabari Internationali, Kuwait 04

    The Avenues Mall – Kuwait

    Illuminating the largest shopping centre of Kuwait is the size of this mission; 7 x 5 meters is the size of the imposing oval, composed of almost three thousand prisms, that welcomes guests to the centre. Plays of light and wonder harmonise perfectly with the style of the place thanks to the many months of work we did there. Here are pictures from idea’s development to its realisation.

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  • Jun012012
    Hotel Lunetta, Rome 12

    Hotel Lunetta, Rome

    The “symphonies” of light by the Itama brand adorn the “Imperial” room of Hotel Lunetta, close to Campo dei Fiori. We are in Rome, in one of the most prestigious 4-star luxury hotels in the historic centre.
    Here, Light4 is present with an innovative revival of the classic Venetian chandelier by the designer Massimo Tonetto.

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  • May012012
    Misstrass Crowne Plaza Saint Petersburg Ru 03

    AQUA & MISSTRASS, Crowne Plaza, St. Petersburg

    A bridge from the Baltic to the Adriatic by Façon de Venise. The recently restyled Crowne Plaza in St. Petersburg, Russia, features two best selling products of the Façon de Venise brand and highlights their versatility.

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  • Apr012012
    Musa, Novi Aquarium, Romania 01

    MUSA, Novi Aquarium, Romania

    Gourmet elegance and style! At the Novi Aquarium restaurant in Bucharest, a little Italian influence can be found in the chef’s dishes, including pasta with lobster and a selection of cold meats, and in the lighting installations by Light4, featuring two of its brands.

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  • Mar012012
    Aqua, Suomu Hotel, Finland 07

    AQUA, Suomu Hotel, Finland

    In Finland they have decided to do things on a large scale. In the lounge area of Hotel Suomu, in the Lapland region, two splendid circular suspended lamps from the “Aqua” line dominate the modern, stylish and attractive setting.

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  • Jan012012
    Aqua, Brasserie Baroche, Paris 09

    AQUA, Brasserie Baroche, Paris

    Light4 and Façon de Venise close to the splendid Champs Elysées: Aqua, Bloom and Claude illuminate the nouvelle cuisine of Brasserie Baroche in Paris. Among the fine fragrances of gourmet dishes that include “foie gras” and “riz au lait crémeux”, the tables and rooms of this highly popular Parisian restaurant sparkle with lights by Façon de Venise.

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  • Nov012011
    19 2 Contract News Stroili Oro Milano Firenze En 17

    Stroili Oro – Flagship Store, Milan

    Dazzling lights and a touch of glamour: Stroili Oro has chosen Light4 to provide the lighting for its new flagship stores and its 350 sales outlets throughout Italy. The lighting fixtures made in our lab according to the specifications of studio Vudafieri Saverino Partners, recall the key feature of this Italian brand of jewellery. The large cylindrical lampshades in different sizes, which decorate the shop windows and interiors of the trendiest stores in the Stroili Oro chain, just had to have gold upholstery.

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  • Oct012011
    2011 10 London En 12

    MISSTRASS, MUSA, DAISY, Private residence in London

    A view over the River Thames and lighting fixtures by Light4: this month, our Contract News is dedicated to a private residence in London. Situated in the Battersea Park area, a short walk from Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, in a prestigious area of the UK capital city, this residence overlooks the River Thames from the south bank.

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