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  • Jul012014
    Itama Light4 Misstrass Vinzenzmurr Bavaria De 01


    German “Delikatesse” meets italian design.
    LIGHT4 has been chosen to illuminate the shops/bistros of the succesfull brand: VINZENZMURR, Bayern, Gemany. We have chosen MISSTRASS in various sizes and versions that, with it’s elements in PMMA, gives a sensation of luxury and creativity to the interiors.

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  • May012014
    Itama Light4 Mlampshades Cvdm Suello Lecco Italy 01

    MLAMPSHADES, Centro Veneto del Mobile

    LIGHT4 has completed a big composition with the MLampshades collection in the brand new Centro Veneto del Mobile showroom near Lecco, Italy. 33 lampshades of different dimensions create a 6 x 10 meters rectangle of color e light. Take a look…

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  • Feb012014
    Itama Light4 Mlampshades Eccellenze Campane Naples It 01

    MLAMPSHADES, “Eccellenze Campane” mall, Naples

    The new “Eccellenze Campane” mall is located in the heart of Naples, and it offers a wide selection of typical regional food and wine. “Eccellenze Campane” is also designed to accommodate cultural events in a cozy and picturesque location. Light4, in collaboration with the architect Carleo, has illuminated the restaurants with MLampshades, in their custom red version.

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  • Nov012013
    Vintage Light4 Limelight Archivio Storico Del Duomo Di Milano 09

    LIMELIGHT, Archives of Milan Cathedral

    The renovation of the historical archives of Milan Cathedral, which was celebrated last 5th November 2013, wrote a new chapter in the history of this city. In the same way, Light4 added a new chapter to its own history.

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  • Oct012013
    Itama Light4 Misstrass Boutique C Wirschke Düsseldorf De 04

    MISSTRASS, Boutique C. Wirschke, Düsseldorf

    Clothing boutique for man and woman located in the heart of the more fashionable city of Germany, Dusseldorf, welcomes Mistrass by Façon de Venise. Stretching over 2 floors in the main lobby, Mistrass fits perfectly with the intimate and relaxed atmosphere that the boutique has always conveyed to its customers. A special thanks goes to our customer August Frank Gmbh & Co and to the C.Wirschke Gmbh.

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  • Jul012013
    Itama Light4 Brick Resort Il Gabbiano Tropea It

    BRICK, Resort “Il Gabbiano”, Tropea

    Modularity & design: it borns BRICK by Light4. Planning and creativity are the elements that characterize BRICK, the new creation of our brand “Façon de Venise”.

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  • Jun012013
    Bloom, Hotel Quadrifoglio, Naples, Italy 05

    The Class is AQUA & BLOOM

    Atmosphere, relaxation, class and elegance are the characteristics shared by both the Hotel Quadrifoglio Pomigliano D’arco in Naples and the brand Façon de Venise by Light4.

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  • May012013
    Suzanne Barbara, Spiller, Padova, Italy 03

    Atmosphere and Design, Spiller, Padova

    The brewery Spiller in Padua, designed by architect Baesso Bernardino, is the first of a long series of successful restaurants, also thanks to the absolutely exclusive internal and external locations.

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  • Mar012013
    Aqua Asilo Nido Di Bascapè Pavia Italy 02

    Playing with AQUA in Pavia!

    Lots of space, light and colour to stimulate the imagination and the desire to be a child. The welcome is all that more important when those who are inhabiting the space are having their first experience away from home and are under 100 cm tall: this is the framework for the collaboration between Gabutti Illuminazione and the municipal nursery school in Bascapè.

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  • Jan012013
    Bloom, Sushi Restaurant, Italy 01

    BLOOM honours Japanese cuisine

    The petals and glow of Bloom harmonise perfectly with the modern environment of the Japanese restaurant Regina, of Bergamo. Like three large flowers, the hanging lamps are set as the visual centre of attention, giving continuity to the linear path of wall lights. The project was developed by “Luce In” of Bergamo.

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