About Us

Who we are and what we do

LIGHT4 – Light & Living

Different light solutions but just a single way of being a company: this new brand of lighting, based in the Treviso area, offers  MADE IN ITALY  products for the contract furnishing sector in particular. Its products are successfully innovative, elegant and functional.

Its sales set-up is adaptable and operates on a global scale. Company organization is streamlined and efficient, highly geared to custom-made products, while end results always reveal high-quality standards. But LIGHT4 is much more: its products are designed and made as a true message: light is knowledge, illumination is meaning.

Professionalism and experience provide MADE IN ITALY  design

LIGHT4 Srl was established in April 2007 and immediately became a creative workshop.

The work team boasts deep-rooted experience in the lighting sector, in both planning and design, as well as in sales.

A further guarantee of quality comes from the company’s source of production: materials and assembly operations are strictly MADE IN ITALY  while its suppliers are mainly located in the nearby vicinity of the company headquarters in Quinto di Treviso. A high level of outsourcing is accompanied by a slimline, adaptable organizational set-up for LIGHT4, which is highly specialised in assembling end products.

Specific company choices enable LIGHT4 to highly focus on custom-made products, on design and on the contract furnishing sector. The company’s ability to effectively adapt to new frontiers in the lighting market is clearly evident, particularly in international markets.