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LIGHT4 is today on the market with these 2 collections:

itama 2019.06

contemporary, led technology, minimal.

This collection stands out for its technological content and the functionality of its products. In all products, light is the greatest actor and all choices have been made to enhance and optimize the light source. Care in choosing the light source and the search of the highest quality of them go side by side with the minimal design with care to the details and finishings of the ITAMA collection.

The technical evolution of the light sources allows us new design possibilities moving the traditional limits further.

Vintage 2019.09

glamour, luxury, modular.

As the name indicates: a contemporary luxury and a timeless design. This collection focuses on the past reintroducing and expressing through timeless design.

A touch of glamour improves the high quality of product with modern details in order to make innovative the most classic forms.

A new concept of luxury is transmitted thanks to the combination of classic lines, modern fashion and renewed technologies. An everlasting symbiosis between the past and the future.

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